A person who is tight with their money. Like a little Jewish bagel always small and tight , Always late with paying you back with what was owed to you.
Hey you bagel where's my money!!!
by Gillyman88 September 09, 2013
A big zero. Someone who doesn't bring anything to the table.
kevin: let's go out tonight!
joey: nah, bro, i'm gonna stay in and play video games/
kevin: wow, stop being a bagel!
by alumsquad August 29, 2011
two pieces of round bread, smashed together in a rude hushed manner.
lady at dunkin donuts: how can i help you?
me: can i have a bagel?
lady at dunkin donuts: you mean two pieces of round bread, smashed together in a rude hushed manner? SURE!
me: thanks!!!!
by meggielouu February 04, 2012
When fraternity gentleman are acting erroneous, or are engaging in erroneous behavior.
"Noj hooking up with that slore is complete bagels"
by queenoftheworld6811 April 23, 2010
exclamation concerning something related to splendor or pleasure
Person A: Did you see that shot Kobe hit last night?
Person B: Yeah, it was bagels.
by MarkLerret December 07, 2009
"bagels" is a term to use when an older womans boobs are sagging very low.
oh my good look at ms. connies bagels! they are practically in her oven!
by hot cheetos January 09, 2013
Naked pictures of your friend's mom. Did I mention she was a MILF?
I love bagels, but my friend doesn't.
by MILFHunter6699 January 26, 2011

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