this is a person that smells of mary jane, and is far better than any spoon or toaster... but not exceeding the greatness of a plate.a bagel is known best for pleasing females in any way possible.
yo did u smell that weed. no that was just a bagel.

oh my god bagel is so good in bed... who needs a toaster if u can have a bagle.
by bigpimpin April 25, 2005
Top Definition
A score of zero in a set of tennis. (eg: 6-0, 6-0)

Two scores of 6-0 is a double bagel
"Michelle bageled Debbie in tennis."
by The Anna-lator November 02, 2003
a derogatory name for a fat jewish kid.
Bagel was playing Halo 2 all day

that lazy bastard
by G shiznit March 27, 2005
another word for zero -- derived from the show Scrubs
“God is watching. How many times have you gotten laid this year?”— Janitor

“Bagel”— Todd

(making zero symbol with hand)
by cakelo February 12, 2010
a tasty delightful snack which people can use as a conversation piece
mr.stinky whom likes bagels is Gary Coleman in disguise
by Gary Coleman; Charles March 16, 2004
(verb)-When a secular Jew lets a religious Jew know he/she is Jewish through indirect means.
When a religious Jew(beard, peyos, tzitzit etc...) is walking down the street, a secular Jew who was previously talking to his friend about something secular will suddenly switch the topic to keeping kosher or going to Shul to tell the religious Jew that he is Jewish as well. Hence, the religious Jew was bageled.
by kahanetzadek June 05, 2011
code word for marijuana
person 1 - "Hey are we still going to eat bagels after school?"
person 2 - "Yeah i have so many. We are going to be so full!"
by Kobie Bananas March 18, 2010
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