female breasts
shortened version of boobages
shes got great bages
by Dan Muskett July 10, 2008
Top Definition
a fat, greasy male with a 10 cm penis.
My ex-boyfriend was a bagey piece of dogshit.
by Kottonmouth King December 29, 2004
Slang term for the entryway to the female's reproductive organs. Vagina. A skanky girl or woman. Smelly crotch.
"This bicycle seat totally smells like bage!"

"She smells like a shrimping boat, what a dirty Bage."
by DiDYourMoM September 02, 2007
Short for bagels. Its what you call your favorite type of bagel.
Man I love these bages...
Nothin but bages.
Bages n' Butter.
Best Bages.
by sorryboutit November 26, 2010
Bage is a Ciggerette, this is used infront of people who you can't tell them about you smoking
Come out for a bage? Lets Bage Up! Have you got any bages?
by Nevo D July 28, 2004
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