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The extremely complex fifth state of matter after solid, liquid, gas and ionized plasma.

1 Bagali = 1/8 man + 1/4 baboon + 1/4 polar bear + 1/2 langur + 1/2 bear + 1/2 Manasa (The math might not add up, but its impossible to express Bagali using our fundamental understanding of the laws of the universe )
"Yes man ... u might be think i is simple .. but i'm a camplex man " -- Bagali
by Steven_Hawkins000 January 03, 2011
10 4
A person who is a "caaamplex man". Half monkey, half baboon, half langoor, half orangutan, half hooman. Caantact me. ;) I is waiting. A person who also loves chitraana. Knows how to communicate with the "jaapanese" using the CAED. Also worked in baailer. So I is a blawck. Naat to making fun.
Mayank: Saar phan.
Bagali: Aye Aah ooh.. What!?!? is this how you interact?!?! Aaya (random noises which can't be typed on an english keyboard)

If the person talks as above, he is a bagali.
by Tom's Hairy Dick April 10, 2010
9 5