what the black scented markers smell like, according to mr. dane cook.
"the black marker always smelled like an asshole. *sniff* wtf is that? *sniff* that is a bag of asses!"
by kkkkkkkkfffffffffffffffffff August 24, 2006
Top Definition
Navy term

1.Used to describe one's uniform or appearance as unsat or out of regulation.

2. Used to describe a feeling of being hungover or unwell.
1. Damn, sailor. It looks like you were hit with a bag of ass!

2. Man, I woke up this morning feeling like a bag of ass.
by Nicodemus May 09, 2004
1. dumpy appearance, ie, looking like a bag of ass.
2. a random catch-phrase I made up, that I want to inject into pop culture to program you all to speak like me.
3. quite literally, a bag of ass.
4. MTV.
Janet Reno looks like a bag of ass.
by T. J. May 23, 2003
One possessing no admirable qualities whatsoever, showing no motivation towards physical or mental strain and displaying intense apethy towards progress.
Look at that fat nasty bag of ass, work his shit over and get back to me.
by gunshow February 07, 2005
when you're like 13, or so, and you are just one of those assholes that think you're the coolest tween ever, and you act like not just an asshole, but you're so much of an asshole, it's like an entire bag of asses, with lots of variety, not just one ass.
"Damn, you were an asshole when you were 13!"
"I was like a bag of asses, like a whole variety of asses, in a bag."
by GagaFreakBitch May 17, 2010
A cheap excuse for a girlfriend.
Well, the next time you talk to Jeff invite him to the party and tell him he can bring his bag of ass.
by Jen December 29, 2004
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