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Women use it to clean their vajayjays
<fat person> anyone who doesn't liek WoW is a Bag o' Douche
<not fat person> NO U!
by Xtreme2252 March 08, 2009
Bag o' douche. It's a subtle way of calling someone a douche bag. Rhymes (sort of) with babaganoush.
I ordered babaganoush, you bagodouche!
by assengrabben April 04, 2007
Verb/ bag-o-douched

1.To put a gay man in a bag.

2.To strangle someone gay with a bag that has a douche in it.
1.That guy just got bag-o-douched

2.Guy1:"Did you just see dat nigga bag-o-douche that motha honkey!?"
Guy2:"Helllz yhea! Now he's gota go wipe the blood off his face!"

by Dillon Hurd, Andy Weber March 21, 2008