"When you take your ball sack and drag it over ones face."
i gave martha a bag drag last night.
by alex/joe mccarthy January 04, 2006
Top Definition
A derivative of teabag (descending the scrotum into the open mouth of an intoxicated or sleeping victim), bagdrag refers to the dragging of one's scrotum across the face of a like target. The female form is the snailtrail.
Look, Derek is passed out, would you like to snailtrail him first or shall I bagdrag him? Shit, I love Tahoe.
by Seeg May 26, 2006
(1) – Event when all members of a military unit bring their gear together to be loaded onto a transit vehicle for travel.

(2) – The act of dragging one's scrote bag across a surface in an effort to taint or embarrass said surface.
Event that results when an individual who is being tea-bagged awakens from their slumber and turns their head. Said event usually occurs on one’s cheek and can even make it to the ear in worst case scenarios.

"While on deployment my bed was scrotumized by way of bag drag."
by Djabooty January 30, 2010
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