1. a stank smell of butt or randidity -- used as a description.----> "smell like ...."

2. used to describe dirty intercourse with a dirty girl
Ol' boy be smellin like ba-dussy when he get home. Even his car stank. Ima call that caddy of his a ba-duss bus. He betta not be doin the ba-duss up in there.
by Dat Gal June 05, 2009
booty dick and pussy
it smells like badussy in here
by Yolanda February 22, 2003
Badussy - Noun. Pungent odor of three combined sources: butt, dick, and pussy. Odor is routinely caused by vigorous sexual activity using all three sources at once. Also, accompanied by a sweaty, humid room atmosphere.
"They're swingers. Their apartment always smells like badussy."
by ZBVegas August 30, 2013
Noun - (Ba-du-see)- Sexual term short for Butt, Dick, and Pussy. Usually refered to as a smell.
When we were done, that room smelled like badussy.
by John from ohio April 17, 2006
a combination of booty, dick, and pussy.
Yo! Your breath smells like mad badussy!
by drizzy Drak33 April 04, 2011
the smell when someone opens there legs and you smell butt dick and pussy
Dude close your legs you smell like badussy.
by Dr Cockblock October 10, 2013
In a room after you have sexual intercourse, the smell is a combination of booty ass and pussy, or budussy.
Girl, your room smells like badussy!
by Boobs24 June 28, 2006
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