Tagalog slang for testicles
Last week while dirtbiking I landed a jump pretty hard and crunched my badoodles.
by aqua_scummm December 15, 2007
Top Definition
The term used on RuneScape invented by RuneShark randomly to recieve unique drops and other good stuff. Still based on luck, but still very commonly used.
Badoodle! ''You recieved 1x rare item''
by Hakpet March 03, 2012
A badoodle is the replacment of a curse. It can be replaced with fuck and many other words
What the Badoodle is that?!?!

Are yuu badoodlin with me?

No badoodlein way!!!
by Dizzy the cement truck January 27, 2010
Badoodle originated from the German slang word verdudeln which took its meaning from the bag pipe (dudelsack) which uses very long tones.

Badoodle means to waste time.
"Don't badoodle your time."

"what are you up to?"
"I'm badoodling."
by drjimmyt September 13, 2009
Badoodles can mean anything, or nothing.
Smack me, yea that's what I thought, you wasn't gonna do badoodles!
by Fonzi812 September 07, 2010
A non existant food that can be used to confuse people or catch out those people who say they know everything. Often described as being "bout this big n tastes like chicken" with hand gestures showing its approxomate size (about the size of a small football). To maintain consistancy, BaDoodle tastes liek chicken, is the size of a small football, is vegetarien friendly, grown in sweden, and wobbles a bit like jelly, but not much so to retain its shape.
Hey have you ever tried BaDoodle?
No? Its about this big and tastes like chicken. You should try it.
by Jimm607 June 28, 2008
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