Top Definition
A female asian with a huge or nice backside

Derived from the words chink and badunkadunk.
This word in no way is ment to be sterotypical or ment to be used in a demeaning way.
Yo Ming is such a badinkachink! She has such a huge ass!
#ass #rump #backside #huge #nice #chink #asian
by Sasora July 20, 2010
A rarely seen, curvy, full behind on an Asian girl. Similar to badonkadonk. Elicits surprise because Asian girls are usually so petite and thin.
Damn! That little Japanese girl got a badinkachink! You never see that!
#ba donk a donk #badonkadonk #ba dinka chink #donk #booty
by La Iglesia March 22, 2011
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