rich, sucsessful with bare moneyyyyyy on them
'that man is bare baders'
by kiera brennan July 14, 2008
Top Definition
is an Arabic name that's means full moon.. and its popular male name in a lot of middle eastern countries..
hey man what's your name?
my name is Bader
by Pedro Bo April 10, 2009
Noun - A rich individual.
Bruv, you getting another round?! You must be a bader!
by Rossy D April 23, 2010
A master of comebacks, tends to perform best during clutch moments and moments of distress
That guy was so Bader, he saved the game
by badermania November 15, 2014
a devine pair of shoes
that's a lovely pair of baders you've got on
by marky lyons January 14, 2010
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