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The couple Beck Oliver and Jade West from VicTORIous
RIvals Bori Beck and Tori Vega
-Bori (Back and Tori Vega) or Bade?
by Ybba13 December 08, 2010
A term used to define somebody who is "Bad with an e" or otherwise extremely cool.
1. God! That kid Alex is so bade. I wish I could tap that.

2. Q:Dude, does that kid look bade to you?
A:Yes, that kid appears to be truly "Bad with an e."
by Eonghoste April 28, 2009
Trini for taking a shower or using a bucket to fill water from a stand pipe at the side of the road and pour the buckets of water onto oneself for cleaning. Similar to a bath.
I going to bade. I smell.
by Trinimaster August 06, 2010
it means balls in arabic. but it's a popular slang among young generation for describing something that's uncool. it's pronounced: baid
1- this dude's so bade he makes the word boring sound cool

2- you're really bade. means you really suck.
by Mazin Quddus August 04, 2006
Interchangeable verb, noun, adjective.
Mitchell: Got any Bades left?

Jeffy: Naw, I Baded out today.

Mitchell: Awww, Bades!

Billy: Bader....!

Example 2:

Darth Bader: I'm Mitchin' a Badescout!

Mitch Badewalker: Don't question the bade...

Darth Bader: Come to the darkside of the Bade.

Mitch Badewalker: Quit Mitchen' folk.

Example 3:

Aesop Bade: How many Bades would a Mitchbade Bade if a Mitchbade could bade Mitch?
by Mitch Bade June 21, 2009
comes from the merging of two words - "baig" and "vader"; used affectionately to mean a Cigarette or other smoking utensil. Seems to have evolved from 'Darth Vaders' light-saber - can be replaced with any other Star Wars character.
Fancy a bade?

Hold on, let me just light up my Baig-Vader.
by wirral_wonker May 25, 2011
A mythical body part of a camwhore which they never show no matter what the price.
guest451: hey bb show me ur bade plz???
by muchosucko June 08, 2010
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