Badcam - a species of creature of which only one specimen exists. It is rumored that it is genderless, rather, has it's own gender. These creatures (creature) have developed their own language, known as fjlsj'sk. The rarity of this creature is very high, although it can be found lurking in chatboxes on certain internet forums. Usually AFK, it may produce a series of letters, which translated, mean Penis. It also tends to stay in these chatrooms for days upon
OMG, a Badcam is going to attack us D:
Dang that Badcam spams alot!
andifnaksndfsn that what badcam? oh you mean penis :O
by D3athxIsxHere April 29, 2011
Top Definition
Stupid, Dumb, Idiot

Sexy, Sex Freak, Horny
1. "That's so Badcam." (Stupid) "You freaking Badcam." (Idiot)

2. "Damn that chick is Badcam!" (Sexy) "I'm so Badcam right now." (Horny)
by Angel(tm) June 08, 2010
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