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Quentin Tarantino, director.
Devin: Did you see Pulp Fiction?
Alex: Naw.
Devin: Well that Quentin Tarantino is one Badass Mother Fucker.
Alex: I heard that shit.
by Dalex November 26, 2005
37 35
Samuel L. Jackson. See also: Chuck Norris.
Man, that guy is one badass motherfucker.
by pk_sage December 27, 2006
360 155
a person, male, who with out comprmise will tear you a new asshole, drink all your liquor, bone your betty, and do so with a smile on his face.
A hard as stone killer, O.G., king of the klan, kitten eating, shark biting, individual, who will not be fucked with.
some one you both fear and respect, as the reaper.
The last man you ever want to piss off, and the last thing you see when you do.
"I don't want to go tell the bad ass motherfucker, that I don't have the money"
"He was last seen kissing the boot's of that Bad ass motherfucker"
"He was digging a hole with that bad ass motherfucker,in the back 40, and we havn't seen him since"
by Touque December 01, 2008
92 10
(n) 1) a person or being that is considered to be intimidating and tough, and is generally able to take on almost most other persons or beings in a conflict, whether it be verbal or physical.
(n) 2) the name of the wallet that belongs to Juelz, played by Samuel L. Jackson, in the bad-ass movie, "Pulp Fiction"
1) Arnold Schwarzenegger is a bad-ass motherfucker. Especially in films like "Predator" and "Terminator 2".
2) I would piss my pants if Jet Li wanted to fight me; he's a bad-ass-motherfucker.
by shadow6 July 24, 2006
103 29
Someone dealing with issues while having personality and a bad ass sense of humor.
Damn, that Andrew kid is such a bad ass mother fucker!
by Kayce November 23, 2007
80 53
(n.)- A person who fears nothing, and never backs down, ever. Regardless of the situation, the only way to stop one of these people is to kill them. A bullet to the heart and another to the brain may be sufficient, but has been proven to not be enough in some cases. For reference, refer to Johan Franzen.
Johan Franzen is one bad-ass-motherfucker, unlike Cindy Crosby.
by NSWiZZAY April 18, 2011
26 11

i am now using up my words to post...

again using up words to post... WTF!!
by Stangman March 06, 2005
21 63