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Bad News Bears is NOT a side project but, an adorable, cute, and delectable mix of powerpop, synth, happy gloriousness. For fans of: hellogoodbye, cute is what we aim for the rocket summer, motion city soundtrack, reggie and the full effect, people who love to dance, and hanson....well, mostly hanson.

Bad News Bears also features Mike Sacchetti as its frontman. By far some of the greatest music ever composed.
"Bad News Bears fucking sucks."

"God damn, look at that Msacc with that Moog synth."

"Shake your stuff baby, don't ever let it die."
by TheMister April 04, 2006
19 68
interjection used to indicate a sense of foreboding or fear of the future. Has nothing to do with actual bears. The use of the assumed antonym 'good news bears' is frowned upon.
"I just slept through my Math final, this is bad news bears."
"I went to my Math final. It was bad news bears."
"Jimmy watched in vain as the fire weaved its way towards the gasoline tank. His last thought was, 'This is bad news bears.'"
by jimbo allen August 06, 2006
373 66
describes something negative. derived from the children's book series "the berenstein bears", one of the books was called "bad news bears." mostly used by hipsters and anyone who grew up reading those books.
"it's raining out today, that's bad news bears"
by Colleen June 13, 2004
160 109
a phrase used in response to bad news or situations.
The Royal Tenenbaums isn't playing tonight? Bad news bears :(
by Bungalow Bill December 16, 2001
86 49

Adj: An unlucky or hopeless state of affairs.

My wife walking in and watching the baby sitter wipe my man goo from her chin was bad news bears.
by wordman April 14, 2003
64 49
The messenger of bad news.

Worth noting: Please do not shoot the messenger.
Rarely is s/he actually involved in the decision of whatever is bad news for you.
Usually, they don't even know what they're delivering.
You know it's a bad day when...

Bob: I hate to be the bad news bear, but... *insert bad news here*
by ~The Nameless One~ October 14, 2005
15 7
A phrase use in response to recieving news of some sort of misforturnate occurance.
Person A: Did you hear that Chris Broke his leg?

Person B: Yeah bad news bears
by Matt0912 August 06, 2009
15 16
(noun) A person who is not very nice, does mean things, and thinks they're better than everyone else. They are not the most warm people to be around. They judge others without getting to know them. They are either insecure and take their frustration out on others or just get
pleasure from being mean. This is the nicer word to call people like this.
"That person is such a Bad News Bears."

"Girl 1: Oh my gosh, my boyfriend is talking to so many girls! They're such whores!"

"Girl 2: Stop being a Bad News Bears, they're probably just friends."
by blobfishlover5 April 15, 2013
2 7