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Human lips (generally female) sprouting a garden of cold sores resulting in pale yellow clusters on normal pink tissue with a "bacon like" appearance.
Hey, Baconlips, come over here (in a few weeks) and give me a big sloppy kiss!
by Trollunderthebridge June 05, 2003
12 0
A woman's labia after excessive sexual activity resembling Canadian bacon. Also known as roast beef curtains.
After running train on Alison, she had some serious bacon lips!
by Angelo Daniels June 05, 2009
27 9
the lips on a girls vagina....
hmm...crispy, looks good enough to eat
by Jonathan Doyle December 20, 2003
14 13
rub bacon grease (at least 1 full cup or just spray bacon spritzer)all over a fat swollen lip.
if your hookin up with a girl and u bite her lip it swells up like a plump bloody sausage. rub in the bacon grease and you got bacon lip, baby.
by BaconSharkBite April 15, 2009
2 4