A Baconator is a benevolent and wise dictator who rules in a Baconocracy! Baconocracy is the choice to unite not divide... Bacon will rule wisely and benevolently. In this politically divided country our best hope for unity is to unite behind bacon in the bacon party. Only bacon can win a true mandate. The bacon party has a vision of world peace where all the diverse peoples of the world unite behind bacon. As we all know, bacon makes everything better. The motto of the bacon party is VOTE FOR GREASE!!! Bacon is the last best hope for the USA!!! Elect bacon in a greaseslide!
The baconator was elected by a greaseslide in 2012 and a pax americana followed, years of peace, prosperity and bacon!
by jmspaesq November 10, 2010
Top Definition
Synonym for good or awesome. Anything cool, great or just better than everything else.
Oh my god! Did you just see him shock out a beer pong trip? That shit was so fucking baconator!!!!!

Wow, John just slapped some bitch in the face. So baconator.
by evan bartleman September 28, 2007
a fat chode of a guy usually named bob who laughs at his own jokes and usually is a chubby chaser.
That guy is total baconator.
by michaellover June 19, 2011
A machine that will cook bacon and then serve it on a plate ready for you to eat.
"Would you like you bacon done in the oven or in the baconator sir" asked the waiter

dude I just got this sick new baconator, its all the HYPE
by MrNothingnesss February 22, 2015
Alternative pronunciation for an extremely long last name (i.e. Bocanegra, Brickowski, Badagliacca).
Brijanna Baconator?
It's Bocanegra.
Yeah, OK, your name is too hard to say, so you're Baconator.
by lkombat November 20, 2010
a large,white trash woman who sexually attacks men when they are intoxicated/sleeping. She usually requests bacon and OJ in the morning. called the "baconator" cause nobody knows her real name.
"hey, where did jim go last night?"
-"the baconator got him..poor guy"
by sillyface111 May 05, 2010
A baconator is a big red pussy. As popularized by the Wendy's commercial, when you are in an easy chair and a hot red-haired girl crams her clam into/onto your face, you are face deep in a baconator.
"Dude sorry I couldn't smoke last night, I was face deep in a baconator."

"I'd love to be face deep in a baconator."

"I don't like baconators, I prefer dicks."
by atlho August 13, 2012
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