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1. When you wake up from a long night of drinking and sweating, and your penis is covered in dick grease.

2. Your dick meat looks like it has the same texture as bacon.
You bacon dick mother fucker.
by Jemnon February 09, 2012
(bey-kuhn dik)
1. A penis made of bacon.
2. The life practice of engaging in open dialog, questioning, and contortion sessions with focus on accessing sublime spiritual, intellectual, and bodily fulfillment in the everyday.
When the cat's away, the mice will talk about bacon dick.
by Hot Hamwater November 13, 2011
When you eat too much fatty and cholesterol-y foods and you have erectile dysfunction as a result.
Susan- OMG you have such a bacon dick!
by raziel bloodfang November 06, 2010
The description of a male who has sex with larger, pig-like women/men. The women/men have to meet the requirements of, being overweight with multiple fat rolls, a very distinct fat person stink, and a drive to get those jelly rolls jiggling.
Example 1:
Sarah: "Did you hear that Jake is having sex with that gross fat chick from the club?"
Jen: "Yeah, he has a total bacon dick."

Example 2:

Angel: "Hey hun, you ready to get a bacon dick tonight?"
Adam: "Sorry girl, but those small rolls don't have enough jelly filling jiggle, and would need a more overwhelming amount of fat stink for me to even consider getting a bacon dick from you."
by SalivatingAlpacas January 04, 2015

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