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A plain and simple skidmark or hershey stain
I use the laundry service on the corner, except my whites. I don't want them to see my bacon stripes.
#skid #fudgie #streek #hershey stain #shart
by Refugee November 02, 2005
The stains on a pair of panties or thong that was found under your bed on a tuesday after a long weekend of drinking beer,smoking pot and fucking.....
A.i found a thong under my bed and cant remember where it came from.
B.did it have bacon stripes? fucking know it.....
#shitstain #splatterbomb #leavins #microfilm #shrinkydinks
by Luckydog182 March 31, 2009
Crap in your hand and walk down a nice long hallway, smearing on the wall as you go.
You can bacon stripe your local subway station to find your way back.
by BRENT November 19, 2003
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