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An immediate massive solid erection that occurs at the sight or smell of bacon.
Do you want to go to waffle house?

No! I get a huge bacon boner as soon as I get within 50 feet of that place.
by T.J. Dubz October 26, 2011
1. when you like bacon so much, just the thought of it gives you a raging one

2. an intense craving for bacon. failure to satisfy this craving results in a psychological and abdominal suffering that surpasses the ache of blue balls.
(watching family guy)

friend 1: hey man why the hell do you have a boner?

friend 2: it's a bacon boner.

friend 1: oh okay thats cool man.

friend 2: wait why the hell do you have a boner?

friend 1: lois has nice tits.
by bacon3490745 February 28, 2012
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