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A band that indirectly caused Hiroshima and Nagasaki.
"The Backstreet Boys bring horror to the world."
by Tony ramone June 19, 2005
1. a member of a generic corporate shitass pop group that hit it big in the late 90s and early 00s. Nobody likes them except tween and teen girls who have godawful taste in music.

2. a young teen boy or a 20-something Gen Y man who follows along with whatever shit the idiots in suits dish out, gets a stupid haircut for a couple of bucks, doesn't know anything about rock'n'roll culture, likes Ally McBeal and basically wastes his life away.
1. The Backstreet Boys for real fucking suck out the ass.

2. The employee at the music store came up to me and asked me if I needed help finding anything. I asked do you have any CDs by the band Genesis. That backstreet boy took me over to the Christian pop section. What a dumbass!
by Starpunk February 07, 2007
Group put together by corporate assholes cashing in on 8-12 year old girls' tastes in music, dancing, and "omg lyk cute boiz". Sign of the decline of music, and the apocolypse.

See also: N*Sync, MTV, Prep
Corporate Guy: Okay. You, you, you and you. You're in my group. You're my fucking puppets. You're called the Backstreet Boys. You're going to sing, look cute, and dance, and we're going to make alot of money.

Backstreet Boys: Okay dude.
by Cody K August 08, 2005
they should be called Fagstreet Girls, because after all, they have high voices and no penises
a gay ass band that doesnt know how to sing.
Man these people suck who are they? those are the Backstreet boys
by z September 25, 2003
they r all gay
by beef September 01, 2003
5 men who cant remember the last time they hopped off the good foot and did the bad thing with a woman.
Jeff Foxworthy : "If you cant remember the last time you had sex with a woman, you're either gay, or married."
by BSB can go blow themselves July 16, 2004
random boys who pretend to be men while they sing about their pathetic little non existant hopeless love lives. Now trying to make a comeback, and uslessly so!
double meh with knobs
nameless 7 year old:The backstreet boys are soo hot
nameles teen: no they $%&*&*@(&U the &*^&^& meh*&**&*(&^%%^)_)((*@#!@#"
by Laura Rolf June 29, 2005