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The bitch in the back seat on a road trip that will not shut the fuck up about what is on the radio but also thinks dance music is required to play no matter what the occasion or where you are going.
backseat DJ: "i wanna shake my booty!!!!"
driver: "shut the fuck up, it's 5a.m. and we are going to the airport."

by John Wesley February 12, 2008
I'm a DJ at a nightclub in Torquay, England. There's nothing more annoying than a Backseat DJ - the guy that comes up to your DJ Booth and goes "Mate, I don't like what you're playing - if you play insert random genre of music here the dancefloor will fill up!" or "Play something good" - tell you what, here's the decks and mixer, off you go if you think you can do better! ;)
Some backseat DJ was trying to tell me what to play all night - played what he asked for and the floor emptied!
by Kermie_K October 18, 2014
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