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The asshole of a male. Closest thing to a pussy he has.
Borat: Hows my back pussy?
- Moist
by Tbull07 April 18, 2007
(when a female bends over)-The view of her vagina from behind.(the "money shot" in most adult magazines)
Damn Kelly has a really nice ass,but her back pussy looks even better.
by mk-ultra August 27, 2009
The anus, made famous by the film Borat
Hey mate i fucked her backpussy last night, man it was tight but worth it, her front bum is getting a bit loose these days
by W J Hall July 03, 2007
A reference to the male ass. Since a female vagina has a vertical slit, much like the ass, it is easy to see where the term derives it's meaning. It can also refer to the anus of a man, though this would be erroneous as the anus looks nothing like a vagina unless both have been dilated, in which case both are gaping and disgusting.
"Man, my back pussy is sore from all those squats."
by The Masticator Part Deux January 27, 2012
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