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A Salad-on-a-budget that requires no plate to eat! A Bachelor Salad is created by lopping the top 2-3 inches of a head of lettuce off, creating a handy bowl. Simply pour the dressing of your choice into the "bowl," and chow-down.

See also Ramen Budget
My girlfriend is outta town, and there's naught but lettuce to eat. Bachelor Salad and Beer it is!
by icabod May 10, 2004
A salad consisting of everything one would regularly put into a sandwich, minus the bread.
Bri: Man, I haven't been to the store in weeks, all I've had to eat for breakfast is potstickers and bachelor salad.
Nick: Bachelor salad?
Bri: Spinach, vinagarette, a slice of deli meat, and a slice of cheese.
Nick: So basically a sandwich.
Bri: Without bread.
by ImaginaryRawr September 04, 2010