Top Definition
anything done in the following manners:

1. lazily
2. half-assedly
3. boot-leggedly
4. any combination of the three.
1. Bob didn't want to shower before the party so he put deodorant on his unwashed armpits. It was a Bachelor Job.

2. Jerry couldn't hack mowing the whole yard so he just mowed what his neighbors could see. It was a Bachelor Job.

3. Tom's wall had a hole in it so he stuffed his shirt into the cavity. It was a Bachelor Job.

4. Bob, Jerry and Tom are doing a great Bachelor Job on the b-ball hoop. I love how Bob is just sitting there, how Jerry painted a triangle instead of a square, and how Tom fashioned a rim from wire hangers. What a bunch of idiots.
by BlueCollarRocker September 12, 2009
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