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1) A vacation where one gets extremely sunburnt.

2) A vacation where one gets extremely baked (not necesarily from the sun).
"Man, the sun was really strong in Jamaica. Turned out to be a great more ways than one"
by mervie merv September 12, 2007
(bay-kayshon) n.

A vacation time where you eat bacon every day.

Usually, this results from eating at restaurants for breakfast every day because you aren't home.

Epic bacations happen when you stay-cate and buy one of those enormous packs of bacon, and toss the sinful meat in every meal.

Bacations are awesome because you cast aside your usual guilt about eating so much bacon because of its evil nutritional properties.
A: Hey, whaddid you do for spring-break?
B: Nothin'; chilled at home and had an awesome bacation.
by lex logger April 23, 2011
When on takes the important/unimportant time out of their day to read the Bacon Blogs on Urban Dictionary.
I was tired of doing real work, so I took a bacation for some good laughs.
Dude, I was taking a bacation and I found this incredible genius term- bacon love - look it up!
I was bacationing and found out I'm a bit bacon and nails more often than one should be.
After all this bacationing, I found a deep desire to earn the Bacon Beard with a Bacon Banjo, Bacon Nipple, and cause a bacon loop.
by Bacationer May 25, 2010
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