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You can only sum this drink up in one word: SLURRICANE. This drink will have yo on your toes in no time, considering it's not high in proof.
My friends B-Day we got a half gallon of Slurricane and I started playing a drinking game and even before that I was toasted. By the end of the night I passed out on the bed and I didn't hear the pizza man come to the door. Next thing I know my peeps are waking me up telling me 2 go downstairs. I'm a drinker and this drink is surely gonna go on my list. Holla
by James March 26, 2005
Background: new party drink from Bacardi; this classic cocktail is made with Bacardi and Bacardi 151 rum. Enjoy this one over the rocks(over ice)

Definition: a tasty drink that will fuck you up leaving you completely wasted..ONLY DRINK AROUND PEOPLE YOU KNOW!
"wanna experience a hurricane tonight"?
by Kelly October 16, 2004