Spanish (beaner) word that means "cool".
Esa camisa es muy bacana.
translation: That shirt is very cool.
by Dasrik September 28, 2003
Top Definition
In Colombia, something very very good or nice or cool. It came into use in late '70s for the young people.
-"Parce, que carro tan bacano." (-"Dude, what a cool car.")
by Angelita_Hermosa November 25, 2009
Same as in spanish, but also widely used in Portuguese. Can be used to describe people or objects.
-That boy is cool!
Aquele rapaz é um bacano

-Cool coat!
Casaco bacano!
by Mits_Bacano September 19, 2004
Bacano is the nicest most talented player on Socom Confrontation.
Bacano is the nicest player in Socom Confrontation. Usually heard referencing his name with such phrases as- Nigga google me son, It's bacano, yall niggas don't want it with bacano and Twitter me son. Bacano is not one player to be taken lightly.
by Bacano April 29, 2010
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