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A name given to a fragile or less than masculine male.
"Baby girl, go get me a soda."
by famousrf November 12, 2008
17 69
the youngest girl of a family
that's baby girl.
by Ishbaby December 20, 2003
76 136
Usually written on a shirt worn by huge black girls who want to feel better about themselves. These shirts are usually sold in mall kiosks by people who are too fucking lazy to get a real job.
"Your fat stomach is popping out from under your baby girl shirt."
by GoBrando January 13, 2007
222 283
a common nick name for a mexican girl the girl does not even have to be small, aften times the name seens to carry a ironic theme with it.(sence the bitch is like 450LB)
come to papa baby girl i promise when i quite slangin me and you are going to get married.

Baby girl is so mad at Joker for pinching her sack
by mike hickey October 08, 2006
32 119