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Aaliyah Haughton (1979 - 2001)
Aaliyah, aka Babygirl.
by Ci February 23, 2005
263 192
What a boy calls his girlfriend, she is generally shy( sometimes) also sexy, cute and amazzing. He will often care for her alot as she is his world, also he may of been very lucky to get her.
You see that girl over there, thats my baby girl.

Whats up baby girl?

Hows my baby girl?
by Albert and Venus March 13, 2011
180 111
The name for the most amazing girl on the planet. She makes your life amazing and will do anything to stay with you. She is the most BEAUTIFUL girl that there is. You would never let her go!
"Oh baby girl, i love you
by jtlundin May 06, 2011
118 50
The way the male directs the girl he wants to spend the rest of his life with.
Matt: I Love You So Much BabyGirl
Nicole: I Love You Too BabyBoy
by MAK+NPH=LIFE February 09, 2009
150 89
1.) What, usually, a teenage boy says to a girl whom they find attractive.

2.) When a boy is attracted to a girl, usually because of body.

3.) A nickname given to an attractive girl,

4.) A nickname given by father to their beautiful daughter.
Hey, what's up, Baby Girl? You got a boyfriend?

"Hey, Dad! I finally got accepted into that school i wanted to go to!"
"Baby Girl, Baby Girl!!!!"
"...Yeah, Dad...."
by lenalena95 March 26, 2010
151 103
A pretty girl with a fine ass, big tits, and a great personality.
Kerri Irby
by Pok Chop November 04, 2003
258 215
Name an amazing boyfriend says to his shy plain girlfriend. He doesnt say the name often, but just enough. He may also call her princess from time to time, but sometimes she may feel like its because she's being high-maintenance or demanding. However she likes the term of endearment. Babygirl is often said unexpectedly, and when girlfriend is upsetand used to calm her. This word makes the girlfriend feel she is genuinely loved <3
Girl: Why do you stay with me?
Boy: Why wouldn't I? You are my babygirl and I'm gonna marry you.
by princess of misfit isle January 02, 2012
45 18