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1) Persons who always insist that they never have money to do sweet things with their buddies, but then magically get cash to buy unnecessary things.

2) People who put up fronts in an attempt to hide the truth.
3) Space aliens who tell you that they are running from space cops, but in reality they are all working together.
Tom: Dude, did you get the tickets for the Buckethead concert yet?
Steve: No man, I'm broke as shit... I can't get them.
Tom: But dude, this was our summer plan, to go see him!
Steve: Yeah well..... By the way, I'm gonna buy this sweet $200 monitor for my playstation!
Tom: ... Damn dude you are such a Babyfart McGeezaks...
Steve: wat?!
by DjStyles July 28, 2011
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