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This is a popular, underage, girl who's victimized countless times by R@yGold using popular p2p filesharing programs and newsgroups to spread Child Porn.
Man 1: What's yur fav R@yGold?
Man 2: Ohh I love that sweet lil BabyJ!
by IceIceBaby July 25, 2004
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Baby Jesus in the manger. Can be used as an abbreviation when describing numerous works of religious art and also in the Nativity story. Differentiates between the baby and adult Jesus Just J and is often used in conjunction with the VM
Oh look, another picture with the VM and Baby J.
by Meera Swami January 24, 2007
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Attractive young woman, also reffered to as Pez Dispenser.
Originated in Huntington Beach, CA
You coming to the mall, Baby J?
by Baby J September 22, 2004
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