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Semen. Can be used in conjuncture with 'super duper' to describe when girls gets pregnant even though the man is wearing a condom. Twice...
"Jesus Sean, you have got some super duper baby gravy."
"Don't I fucking know it."
by The Strut September 29, 2004
sperm man chowder
need a lil baby gravy for your chest potatos?
by mooseknuckles October 25, 2002
jism; sperm.
I ejaculated a quart and a half of baby gravy within the confines of her love canal.
by weave April 02, 2003
Semen, baby gravy consists of large amount of passion and vitamin E
Yo bitch, im gonna load you with ma' baby gravy
by Evanzles June 19, 2006
1. Semen, ejaculatory fluid.
"I gave her a big load of my baby gravy."
by Zhoom45 April 27, 2010
(n) reference to a man's ejaculation
I'd give her a squirt of baby gravy.
by farcle February 17, 2008
Male semen
I left my baby gravy all over her face
by Wise Man July 11, 2003