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usually has the first name James. Also who enjoys to analize and have his own special theories and absolutely cannot be wrong by any means!
i was trying to tell a awesome story until a baby blue jumped down my throat with his own theory!
by greatone01 January 08, 2009
A pastel shade of blue often used when manufacturing items for a boy baby
She wrapped her son in a beautiful baby blue blanket.
by Jude53 August 13, 2006
A rather large cow like creature with wilderbeast like features.
Dude 1: Did you see that huge chick at the party the other night?

Dude2: OOOH Maaaan you mean the really fat chick who was all over the guys trying to get attention?

Dude1: Yeahh man that one. She was such a Babyblue, I sure feel sorry for her boyfriend with her acting all embarassing like that.
by Mr_Starz December 02, 2012
A young female, although that can be an argument. Sports stretched out old punk rock tshirts. Diet of Wendys and Vitamin water. Love/hate with a talented brother. Only thing to be gained from is cigarettes and place to blaze. 4 fingers can work. Possible lesbian phase.
Guy: Hey whats up?
Baby Blue:Hey Nothin just hanging out with my boyfriend.
Guy:Oh cool. WannA blaze?
Baby Blue: K. Let's sex it after.I'll tell my boyfriend we'll hang later.
by Green Meanie November 24, 2010
South London, female MC. Many tracks have been recorded with Sway.

Hits include: Sometimes
I Still Don't Care (feat. Sway, SAS etc.....)
"The new Baby Blue tune is well good"
by Chancey March 20, 2006
A masculine shade of blue.
The baby blue sky is so incredibly masculine.
by JKim November 25, 2003
a baby choking to death, turning them an engaging blue colour.
oh shit my baby ate it's rattle!!!!
now the bloody thins blue!
by Ganstagirljksloljusme February 28, 2005