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1. A skanky girl who is underage, or one who is too young to dress/act "skanky", or 2. a girl who hasn't fully reached her "skank" potential.
Why is this pack of baby skanks at the club? shouldn't they be at a sleepover or something?
by Slurpeegurllll June 19, 2012
When a young girl, usually a freshmen or sophomore in high school tries to get with all the older guys and start drama among everyone.
After doing so they will play innocent like a baby that all the older boys lie and use them as targets.
Skanks that act like babies.
Girl 1: Hey did you hear that Allie's bf cheated on her with Joy?

Girl 2: Yeah I did, that girls a sophomore!

Girl 1: Yeah I know she's one of those Baby Skanks!
by wly March 22, 2011