when you wear a condom and dump the remnants or refuse of your seed on her head
i gave her a baby shower last night
by stubadub2000 January 24, 2010
When you're going down on a pregnant woman and her water breaks on your face.
Dude it was the most digusting thing ever! I had to deal with a Baby Shower last night!
by Rooster2188 November 05, 2009
when you blast cum on a girls face.
I killed millions of my potential babies when i gave your girl a baby shower last night.
by Luis Gonzo January 08, 2008
(V.) To ejaculate on a person's face.
"Did you bang that girl last night?!" "Dude no, but I totally gave her a baby shower!" *high fives*
by theneverbird July 12, 2012
When a man sprays his baby batter all over a woman's face.
See son, here is a picture of your mother's first baby shower when she was pregnant with you. Notice my babby batter all over her face, she's a great woman!
by xul8tr March 15, 2006
bukake on a baby
hey lets go baby shower that kid.
by theabomb September 22, 2008
A sexual maneuver. This can only be achieved when fornicating with a single mom. If during coital rythms the child happens to enter the room unexpectedly one would quickly cease intercourse to ejaculate firmly on said child.

baby shower.
So I was bangin' Lucy the other night, you know the milf...so her kid walks in, asks for a glass of milk...I filled for him.

Baby shower high five!
by Rick Tickets October 24, 2009
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