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another word you use for birth control.
Hun, we'd better go pick up that baby killer
by sarahlou June 12, 2007
Birth control pills. These do not actually kill babies, but they prevent ovulation, thus preventing a woman filled with sperm from becoming impregnated.
I don't want to be like those Mexican girls...I'd better take my baby killers!
by hmmm consider this April 26, 2004
See Gene Snitsky.

Also see Baby Punter.
Gene Snitsky is a Baby Killer!
by Xero Limit 126 January 05, 2005
A term used to describe a girl's shoes when used to kick a guys nuts.
Monica used those baby killer boots of hers to stomp on her ex-boyfriend's nuts. I hope he didn't want children.
by Jesus Santiago February 03, 2008
Same as abortionist. So obvious, it does not need an explanation.
I saw the Babykiller go into the abortion mill on Saturday as we were outside giving out pamplets to the girls.
by Rev Donald Spitz March 15, 2008
One that takes the time to kill a baby.
Sam is a baby killer.
by Anonymous77777 November 30, 2007
In Puerto Rico a baby killer is a a female that dates a much younger male. It is seen as funny and weird. So that is the way to make fun of the situation.
Cameron Diaz and Ashton Kutcher
by Duquichica January 07, 2005