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a term used to tell someone that there girlfriends boobs are small
matt: my girls tits are big
randy: Ya! if you got baby hands
by Clinton norton May 29, 2007
2 2
A girl with incredibly small hands
Dude look at Stacey, she totally is a baby hands
by Chromelaces May 17, 2011
5 0
an underdeveloped hand
Gil's baby hand freaked us out really badly, but we needed to touch it.
by Maverick33 April 10, 2011
6 1
the word babyhands means one of two things 1. you have a tiny hands compared to your body like a babys hands or. you have swift hands for stealing and doing other notorious tasks that require smooth hands..like a baby
1. That kid dan has some babyhands man i saw him go into 7/11 and steal like 20 packs of gum damn.
2. Evans babyhands were just small enought to fit throught the tiny hole.
by gabby numings April 02, 2007
3 0
Quick repetitive dual handed jabs; the hands can be no farther than 3 inches apart. Usually used as a form of self defense in a street football or basketball game.
"Dude, you dropped that perfect pass. What happened?"

"Matt unleashed his baby hands."
by Rabies Baby March 07, 2010
3 1