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What every girl thinks they are
My name Bonkia aka Babygurl aka Babygirl aka BabyGurll
by Jasmine October 19, 2004
The name of a woman loved by a man in other words he uses it to compliemnt her or a woman in a relationship with a man in this case he natural name for her is this as substitution for her real name.
"Damn babygurl, you looking fresh!"

"Baby gurl, i love you so much im glad were going out"
by Knoledge MasterWoman August 25, 2004
A sexy ass girl who is da ish or in other words Taneisha
Yo did you see Baby Gurl yesterday she looked flyer den a mug
by Ta-Ta October 02, 2003
A man's younger sister or a fathers daughter.
It's too late for you to go out tonight babygirl!!
by AnthonyB June 18, 2005