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Small wiener pieces added to beans in military food.
What's for chow today? Oh, man, not beans and baby dicks again!
by Brian Anderson September 27, 2006
High piched Paddy the mick punk drunk like a skunk. But leaked quick with his baby dick!
by Chairman Phat October 19, 2003
Having a minuscule penis.
One who is lacking in the meat department. People who are racists often suffer from BABY DICK.

Ike, stop posting here, we all know you have a BABY DICK.
HAHA, OMG.. Look at Ike's teeny tiny BABY DICK, it looks like a Lima bean.
Commonly mistaken for a penis of small size, a baby dick is a penis characteristic of a baby, typically 9lbs 10 oz, and 21 inches long. A very large crank.
"Yea I do have a baby dick" <people laugh> "It's 9lbs 10 oz, and 21 inches long!!!"
by JIMoney February 19, 2003
i was outside smoking a cigarette and this kid jesse was staring at it all jealous and i was thinking wtf is his problem and then when i walked in his room later while he was undressed i finally understood why
a 4 inch penis will NOT get the job done
by pencildick February 26, 2005
any male younger than yourself
josh is a baby dick
by Summer The Pimp October 07, 2003
a joint or a blunt
"Yo, Grimm roll another baby dick, and lets get high"
by Dison February 02, 2004