When a boy thinks he has a big dick but he has a very very small one!
I heard that boy Martyf had a 1" baby dick.
by John Bloggs June 27, 2006
a dick so small that you piss on your balls
"this is man's game, your just a boy. You got that baby dick. It's not my fault you piss on your balls"
Someone with a very tiny penis like that of a wee child. These people generally are small in stature and have low self esteem. They cope with their illness by baby dicking others at Halo2.
That Baby Dick just stuck me with a plasma grenade.
by CAUDILL March 26, 2007
urban slang for any individual of the male population equipped with a sub-par talliwhacker
"That nigga got a baby dick."
by Dusten Keith April 19, 2005
I man who acts as if their angry because their penis resembles a small child's.
Mark is being a real baby dick.
by Mr.337 August 28, 2009
A penis that mimics one of a babies. usually only handled with two fingers or less for urinating or masturbation. a person living their life without ever pleasuring a women like David Licatta
Jeremy: Damn girl your mad tight
Girl: Oh I used to fuck Dave
Jeremy: Oh that nigga has a baby dick!
by panik718 October 08, 2011
when a peron (male) has a dick smaler or equal to a baby's dick. this is a term oraginated in boston ma this is an insult to any man and if you get called this nock that bitch ass niggah out real quick. (617 all day)
Brad: "yo you have a baby dick!"
Will: "shut the fuck up bitch!!!"
(Will knocks him out wicked quick)
Will: "Who's the baby dick now?"
by {blood nigga} February 17, 2008

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