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adult penis being same size or smaller than a babies penis
my baby dick is only 2 inches when fully erect and im 26 yrs old. (true)
by babydickj July 20, 2008
135 33
Having a tiny penis and never getting laid
Grant has a baby dick. He never gets laid either. Poor Grant. You should move to Madacascar, baby dick.
by Mr. Weeks December 18, 2003
182 82
a dick the size of a 2 year old.
Tucker has a baby dick! or
Tucker Tucker the Raven Fucker
by Anonymous March 03, 2003
118 25
An extremely tiny penis that is no more than 2 inches or so.
When Ryan's pants fell down, we all saw he wasn't wearing underwear. So Jordan pulled out a magnifying glass and held it to his teeny tiny hairless baby dick as we all laughed outrageously!
by super hot Sarah May 17, 2010
93 6
Someone who has a baby-like dick.
Yo cole has such a baby dick!

Ya i know.
by vagpounder6969 June 13, 2009
84 6
person with a penis the size of a babys
andy a.k.a. baby dick
by beans brah May 17, 2008
85 7
When a Guy (Josh cantos) has a small penis
WOW, Josh has a such a small baby dick
by Theman187 December 02, 2004
380 311