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A small female who resembles a bear cub, often purring, tugging at others while drunk, and stumbling around like a small cub. Often, these cubs are found very cute by the opposite sex, and they pride themselves on their ability to lure in men with their cuteness just as baby cubs do to everyone who sees them.
Note: these cubs frequently ask "am i a baby cub?" to fellow females.
She's being such a cub right now, all cute and laying on the floor like a helpless bear cub. I love that Baby Cub"
by Eskimo #3 September 27, 2010
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A person, typically a female who is unbelievably cute and gorgeous and who performs incredibly sweet acts of expression and sexyness.
Katie is so amazing and beautiful - I love it when she tilts; she is my baby-cub.
by Samuel E November 09, 2006
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