cheeks of a young woman's or girl's ass; buttocks
In the movie "Tilt," Brooke Sheilds had her character's name embroidered over each denimed baby cake.
by Tummy AuGratin February 24, 2006
a small cake that is extremely cute. almost too cute to eat.
jesse your my babycakes
by HuggiePanda July 24, 2008
Babycakes the best new born baby gift website.
Babycakes are more commonly known as Nappy Cakes to celebrate a new born baby. Babycakes are given as a gift after birth or before birth at a Baby Shower.
by August 31, 2010
A notorious gang operating out of Charleston, SC, "Baby Cakes" is an undercover opporation dedicated composed of two girls and one guy who meet in the dead of night to dispose of children.

Their gathering are referred to as "Baby Smack Parties" being so named for the groups practice of "baby smacking" which involves repeatedly smashing a baby against a hard object of some sort.
Sk8or Boi: "Do you wanna have another baby smack party tonight?"
Izze: "My place at 12?"
Olive the Magical Pizza: "Sounds like a plan! Baby cakes is in for another night of pure delight if you now what I mean"

*scnadalous/mysterious eyebrow wiggling ensues from all three*
by FantasticalityReincarnate September 13, 2014
A hott or cute girl, usually a frosh in college or around that age. It's a positive nickname and can be used as term of endearment between friends or by couples. It can also be used by male creepers. (See below.)

Note: There is NO 'S' at the end of babycake! If a guy is calling you and your friend "babycakes" when you're all together, he's probably playing you.
Creeper usage: "Hey babycake, how you doin'??"

Couple usage: "I miss you, babycake!"

Friendly/Familial usage: "Awww, babycake it'll be ok!"
by simply reckless October 01, 2010
A girl or boy who is attractive and well liked by people.
That girl is total babycakes.
by pablo papi March 06, 2006
indie wank clothing line made by some rich myspace kid from manchester called Paul

the designs
suck and are in no way original at all
the only reason that it's popular is because the dude who made it has
habout 589255436 friends on myspace
and most kids are just
sheep who like to follow current trends even if the trends are shit.

A:Omg that kids wearing Babycakes
Z:Tosser what posses anyone to wear that shit I don't know

by Jo Ellen Holder September 15, 2008

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