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Twist the top lick it, dip it and shake it and dip it again. A lollipop made like a baby bottle at the top that twists off with sugar on the bottom you can dip it into. mmm, for those kids who have never breast fed. Good source of hype and rotting teeth if you don't brush.
It's the Baby Bottle Pop, Baby Bottle Pop, take a lick, take a shit then steak it. Lick it again. It's the Baby Bottle Pop (delerius noise in the backround) Baby Bottle Pop...
by europopian December 15, 2009
The act of Taking a dildo running water over it, Dipping it in Cocaine, and forcing it into you or your friends ass.
"dude, are you high?"
"yeah man i just did three baby bottle pops"

"reeesppecttt" *high fives*
by crackbabydiq December 31, 2013
Small roachinator used in consuming a blunt. Native to Susquehanna County, PA.
"AAAAAhhhh!!!! This blunt is burning my fingers!"

"Yo, throw it in the BabyBottle Pop!"
by SpenceHence May 26, 2009
When a male sticks a baby head first into a pregnant women's vaginal cavity. The male will then grab onto the baby's testicles causing the baby to lick and bite. This will give the women much pleasure/pain.

WARNING: Baby might suffocate inside vagina. Only try under adult supervision! Also, the baby should be under 1 year of age to decrease the risk of being stuck inside the vagina causing baby-stuckination.
My pussy is sore from the Baby Bottle Pop last night! We should have picked a baby with no teeth.
by Matt Harry March 29, 2008
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