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Male Sperm Powerful Ejaculations
Come here honey im going to splatter you with baby batter.
by A Smith November 01, 2006
17 7
a salty discharge of goo from a male penis
i shot baby batter in her eye
by kevin kehoe November 14, 2003
26 17
Sperm, Man Chowder, ejaculate
Man, I gave Sally a load of baby batter last night!
by babybatterboy May 21, 2009
7 3
Another term for the steamy hot secretions extracted from the make penis at climax. Hence, it causes babies.
"Why you get her pregnant foo?!"
"I busted that baby batter up in that shit. My bad. ya herrrd me""
by KingdomCum January 23, 2003
22 18
Milky white substance found in the depths of the testicals inside a male's scrotum. When shot from the penis, the milky substance looks like the batter of a baked good.
Abraham: "Shit!"

Jacob: "what's up?"

Abraham: "I was wacking off and got baby batter all in my toe hair..."

Jacob: "next time you'll remember to wear socks."
by ronald514930 September 11, 2009
9 6
Sperm, where babies come from, pecker snot
I sprayed baby batter all over Beth
by Leigh Kemp March 28, 2004
8 12
Semen, or man juice. also see skeet
I hit that raw and dumped all baby batter on that chick.
by The Bizzle October 07, 2004
12 20