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semen and sperm...ejaculate
Dude, that's just nasty! Your sheets have dried baby batter on 'em!
by Wade November 27, 2004
The recipe for humans.
If you mix baby-batter with the right ingredients and two eggs a baby (human) will be the final result.
by no name. January 23, 2007
jizz, cum, ejaculation, sperm, man juice, ect...
Get me a kleenex to clean up this baby batter!
by Courtney January 27, 2004
When a man ejaculates he produces Sperm(Baby Batter)
Slick Willy left a splatter of baby batter on Monica's Dress!
by The Mick July 31, 2004
Sperm, Cum, Ejaculate.
C'mon sweetlips...... take a taste of my baby-batter now honey! OOOOOH...... don't you waste a drop!
by MadManManic December 28, 2006
The male reproductive stuff, also known as ejaculate
Clinton got baby batter on Ms. Lewinski's blue dress
by Wordophile May 12, 2005
n; Semen, Cum , Spooge , Nut , Nutbutter , Lil'swimmers ,Manbatter. Man milk
I shot a load of babybatter on that bitches face last nite!!
by A. Reyes August 16, 2004