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Sperm, Cum, Ejaculate.
C'mon sweetlips...... take a taste of my baby-batter now honey! OOOOOH...... don't you waste a drop!
by MadManManic December 28, 2006
Oh boy, here comes the baby batter... want it in your crack? or on your back?
by sf_monkey October 17, 2003
a synonym for semen, baby batter is a salty tasting bodily fluid which combined with the egg of an ovulating female can result in pregnancy.
You had better wear a condom to catch your baby batter my husband will flip if I get preggers.
by Belinda November 05, 2004
Semen. Also a key ingredient in milkshakes.
Take one (1) whole egg. Add baby batter. Mix gently. Produces bun in the oven. Allow to heat for nine months.
by Al February 13, 2005
<noun> British slang
Male ejaculate, semen, penile ejecta, a bomb-load of jizz.

Seeing as sperm is the cause of 99.9% of pregnancies - resulting in babies - it was only a matter of time before someone made the connection between sperm and babies and formed the phrase Baby batter as a metaphor for come/cum.

See also Baby Gravy
"Jasper fired his 6oz load of baby batter into Margaret's face, and she supped it up like a glass of warm, creamy milk."
by Stuart Fletcher November 03, 2004
<noun> Slang;

Sperm and/or semen.

Same as: baby batter
"Seraphim gagged as the baby-batter slipped down her throat."
by Stuart Fletcher January 18, 2005
Very simply male ejaculate. One of many ingredients in the recepie that is a child, it is available whenever needed by a woman. Although it is meant to create babies it usually slams against a laytex membrane (sometimes flavored) or a kleenex.
"I released my baby batter on her face, but she got a bit pissed"
by JtothaC March 14, 2005
sperm, semen,
She got pregnant because the condom couldn't hold back my blast of baby batter.
by Don Fuego November 13, 2003