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First referenced in M. Night Shyamalan's film, "Lady in the Water." BOTHT was the result of a random conversation by a group of slackers featured in the film concerning the fact that all the good "sayings" or axioms had already been thought up.
As it were, the main male character, Paul Giamatti, who plays a Super in the film, was repairing a garbage disposal. He instructed the slackers not to put anymore clothing down the disposal. He also had the rule that there was to be no smoking indoors. As Giamatti’s character, Cleveland Heap, exited the slackers’ apartment, he yelled at them to stop smoking indoors. As he did, the next line of dialog spoken by the John Lennon-esque member of the slacker group was, "Baby's on the Half-Tip!" And there was much rejoicing among the slackers.
1. As spoken when someone has just lost their temper. Example, "Dang, Gina done flipped out cause someone keyed her car. I went to talk to her but baby's on the half-tip and I though it would be best to let her alone.

2. As spoke when something good, exciting or wonderous has occured. Akin to being "off the chain".
Example, "Gina got over her car and threw a big party to raise money for a new paint job. You should have seen that place. Baby's on the half-tip over there!
by Michael Paul Maupin July 23, 2006
A slang phrase created by pot-smokers in the movie "Lady in the Water." Its meaning remains ambiguous.
"Let's throw a party!"
"Baby's on the half tip!"
by luvsfab4 July 30, 2006
A phrase used to describe when a person is on the verge of crying, getting upset, bitching, or acting like a baby. Popular phrase among Stoners.
"You ate my fucking shnitzel! Why did you eat my fucking Shnitzel?!" yelled Jerry. "Oh oh, Babys on the half-tip!" replied Andrew
by BongBlitz November 27, 2009
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