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A child had by a lower-middle class father who does not care for it or the mother. If a woman has a baby by busta, it means that she was previously in a realtionship that did not necessarily include matrimony but which did result in a child. The father of the child (Busta) is a lower-middle class sterotype which is assumed to have children by women he was not married to, is divorced from now, or just seperated. A baby by busta has a contemporary connotation of being a dilemma for the mother, not necessarily unwanted (although that is a common connotation as well), but under circumstanes which could be more comfortable. Basically, a baby of trashy parents who made a very bad decision in having said baby. Also, Baby is usually dumped on mother, resulting in a single mother.
You know why? Takes too much to touch her-from what I heard she got a baby by busta-my best friend said she used to fuck wit Usher-I don't care what none of y'all say-
I still love her.
~Gold Digger, Kanye West
Guy 1: Michele is hot, but I got a feeling she got too much shit in da past, y'all kno wat im sayin?
Guy 2: Thas right u aint no fool- that girl's got a baby by busta
by Breakfast@Tiffanys October 10, 2005
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